Client Feedback

The text messages, email extracts, reviews and comments on this page were made by Anne's clients (all ages from 18 to 93)
For privacy reasons names are not shown.

Anne's Japanese facials

GW Facial Treatments


"I expected to be relaxed and calm but I didn't expect my face to look like this! How did you get my face to look so plump and smooth? And the wrinkles are gone!"​

"I don't want to go down the botox and injectables road as I prefer to live more naturally. I've been looking for a really good all natural facial and I could hardly believe it when I heard about your amazing facial from a friend.  The Gorgeous Woman facial really does lift and sculpt my face and what I love is that the fine lines round my eyes and mouth are smoothing out and my skin is really plump.  I'm so happy I found you Anne and I'm sending my friends along."

"My face feels alive. It feels like you have brought my face back to life again! And my body too! Look at my face - where have the lines gone!"​

"This Japanese facial is on a different level, more what you expect from a $300 treatment.  I’d been thinking about having botox injections, but with having some Japanese facials my skin is plumped up and toned and I don't need botox.  The frown lines are gone and my hormonal break outs are completely cleared up.  I’ve bought some of the Gorgeous Woman products from Anne and they are keeping my skin looking beautiful, the best its ever been."​

“Dear Anne, I would just like to put into writing how grateful I am to have been introduced to your Japanese Facials.
Each time I have a treatment and ongoing afterwards, I am acutely aware of both physical and emotional shifts occurring for me .
Apart from the fact that my face looks and feels  markedly more relaxed  and alive and my skin glowing I feel very much more relaxed in myself and MOST important to me I feel more aware of  my emotions and my goals and I feel distanced from issues I have been unnecessarily concerned about leading up to my treatment.
During the massage process, the technique you use activating the meridian points, noticeably releases negative energy right throughout my  body allowing positive, healing energy to flow in . It feels very powerful.
I have never been one for indulging in pampering myself and I certainly do not consider that your Japanese facial falls into this category.
The treatment for me allows me to stay centered and work on myself in a positive way which I believe in turn benefits not only myself but all those around me.
It also helps me greatly to approach my workload with less pressure.  
Thank you again for being you as you have such a passion for helping people which is what drives you to perfection.
I look forward to my treatments so much and the release of negative energy they afford me … not to mention the fewer wrinkles and a less intense look on my face
I hope you have a wonderful week.”

“I am writing this with regards to Anne McBride (Redland Reflexology). I have been a client of Anne’s for almost two years and have a regular GW Japanese Facials.
I find Anne’s caring nature and her knowledge of her profession is what keeps me coming back once a month for my facial, as I come away feeling revived and relaxed and I feel good about myself.
The quality of her Gorgeous Women products is of high quality and professional.
I recommended Anne too many of my friends and all speak highly of their experiences.
I am impressed with Anne’s ability to keep up with all the knowledge and techniques of her profession.”

"After having a GW Japanese facial with Anne, I walk out feeling amazing.  Her facials are so deeply relaxing and the products she uses are very calming and gentle with no irritation whatsoever.  My face feels amazing afterwards and I would recommend Anne to anyone.  I have referred a few of my friends to Anne who have also experienced her wonderful facials.  Her technique is beautiful and you just don't want it to end.  I cannot recommend Anne enough."

“I highly recommend the Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial from Anne at Redland Reflexology.
The Japanese Facial is a wonderful relaxing facial experience which leaves my skin feeling plump and glowing from the natural gorgeous women skin care products used and with the acupressure points, aging facial reflexology and natural facial lifting massage.  I love that Anne can achieve all this naturally for my skin and I leave so relaxed and my skin feeling and looking fantastic.”

“I originally went to Anne for reflexology to help with “old age” problems which was and still is a great help. I also bought some of her Gorgeous woman products and was really pleased with how my skin improved over time.
She told me about her new enterprise with Japanese Facials, and explained how the process worked incorporating reflexology on your face as well as using all her products, of course I had to try it out. I have had numerous facials through my life but have never experienced anything like this before. Both during and after the experience I felt so so relaxed and my skin was glowing, needless to say I have a monthly appointment and not only is my skin looking so good , my overall health and wellbeing has benefited to.
( A very young 76 year old)“​​​

"I'm so happy with my face and skin now.  Even after the first first facial I could hardly believe the difference.  The lines and wrinkles are magically smoothed out and my whole face is beautiful and plump and smooth.  The facial points and face lifting massage are so deeply relaxing and release all your stress and tension AND you look amazing after it.  I've had 3 facials now and I'm loving how my skin looks and all the compliments I'm getting.  Thank you Anne, you are incredible." ❤️​

"I was very pleased with my facial.  Its made a difference with the puffiness under my eyes and my skin felt amazing.   I wish I could come every week."

"It feels so different and amazing!"

I’m going to keep looking after myself and come regularly for a treatment with you Anne, because I feel so good with the Reflexology.  Trouble is I don't know which treatment to have next time.  I love the facials too and what a difference they're making.​"

"This is the best treatment I have ever had done. My skin looks like a different person. I'm coming here every month. Thank you so much."​

"Wonderful. Just incredible!"

​"I have Anne’s Japanese facials regularly and it has really changed and improved my skin so much. 

Now its really smooth, the lines and wrinkles actually disappear and it feels beautiful and plump and has a healthy glow.  All the products are completely natural and they last a long time."

"I've never had a facial like this.  I even  fall asleep because it is so deeply relaxing.  When I wake up my skin looks and feels amazing.  I’ve bought gift vouchers for friends so they can enjoy it too and I definitely recommend having a treatment."

"This is the best facial treatment I have ever had, with the best results and your face will look absolutely amazing with all the things Anne does as she really knows her stuff and uses only the very best natural products.  I love the exfoliant and the face mask is divine.  You cant get a facial like this anywhere for this price and the Japanese points really feel good and tone the muscles and skin in your face."

"I am so happy with my Japanese facials, its brought my tired, lined skin back to life and I can look at my face in the mirror and feel good about myself again.   My husband has told me to keep getting them every month as he sees the difference in my face and that I feel happy again.

The gorgeous woman products are really good,  work really well for my skin and they are not expensive.  And I always feel so relaxed and calm after a treatment." 

"I couldn't wait to come back for my second Japanese Facial.  I told all my friends and neighbours how good it is.  My skin was glowing and so plump and smooth after the facial and I felt deeply relaxed.  The Potent Infusion sample you gave me for my face worked really well and a little goes a long way.  I will buy some and start using it."​

"My partner bought me a gift voucher for a Japanese facial for xmas.  I really loved my facial and the reflexology too.  I left feeling so happy and have booked my next facial.  I'm recommending your treatments to everyone and they are  good value for money."​

"My friend told me to come and have a Japanese facial after I noticed her skin was looking so good from having the facials. Now I have my monthly Japanese facial and so does my daughter and daughter in law.  This is my favourite facial treatment and all the products Anne uses are fabulous and anti-aging.  My skin looks  and feels amazing now and the reflexology for the feet is an added bonus."​

"I could never describe how this treatment feels and makes you look. It is an incredible treatment. Love the Gorgeous Woman oils. Very good price. You will be seeing me every month."​

"My face and neck looked the best they've ever been.  Very plump and lifted and all the fine lines were gone. My neck looked so good too I went and got my passport photos done the day after."​

"Thank you Anne for the most beautiful foot treatment and facial it was truly magical thank you xx

"Anne was a very positive and soothing influence."
"Absolutely loved my first-ever facial. Came away feeling very relaxed & pampered" 🌸🌸
"Thanks Anne, I really enjoyed my facial - so relaxing!"
"I thoroughly enjoyed my Japanese Facial this afternoon. The products Anne used on my face were beautiful and soothing and the reflexology side of the appointment was heavenly. Anne’s salon is set up perfectly and I walked straight in when I arrived. Highly recommend!"
"Satisfied' lovely, thank you!"
"I received extra tips for optimum wellbeing, as well as treatment."

​​​"My friend said this is the best facial she has ever spent her money on.  I have recommended your facial to our friends and we are all loving the Japanese facial.  You really see the results and I like the products are all natural and great for my skin.  I love how totally relaxed I feel afterwards."

"Since Covid I have been checking your web site everyday to see when you reopened. I jumped online and booked straight away. I so needed one of your treatments."​

"That's amazing! My face has never looked like this before. Where have all the lines gone! I'm going to tell everyone about you!"​

"I have been paying $150 and the facial is nothing like this. My face... it's amazing. I'll be back here every month!"

"That was incredible... I look much younger. I feel amazing!"​

​​​"Anne is wonderful and I loved the treatment! She is knowledgeable and her professionalism is perfect!"​

"Lovely in all respects. My first visit and certainly not my last. Thanks Anne. :)"

"I have never had anything like this before. So relaxing and I can really see the difference."​

"As a beauty therapist I love your treatment and really want to learn how to do it." ​​

"Your skin care is much better than the other place. The dry rough skin on my forehead has smoothed out."

"When I got home my son said 'what happened to you mum! You look 10 years younger!'​

"Love, love, love my Japanese facials.   Not only does my face look glowing and transformed but my sinus headaches and neck pain have really improved.  The foot reflexology also helps and I always leave feeling fabulous from head to toe."

"Can’t recommend this facial enough.  The acupressure points have really helped release my tight muscles in my jaw and I’m not grinding my teeth in my sleep now.  All the products are natural and really make  your face toned and younger looking."​

"My whole body feels good!!"

"I booked in for a Japanese Facial after reading all the great reviews.  I've been to other salons and paid a lot of money and not had good results like I get with you. I couldn't stop touching my face. I love how it makes my skin so beautiful and smooth.  I felt so fabulous. Thank you!  I will be back again soon."​

“Beautiful, relaxing Japanese facial.  Its transformed my face now and I’ve had lots of positive comments.”​

“As soon as I walk in the door I feel relaxed as I know I’m in for the most beautiful hour of bliss. I really love how my skin looks and feels now.”​

“It makes your face feel beautiful, but it makes you feel so calm and relaxed on the inside too.”​

“This facial is just delightful.  My fine lines above my lips are filled in and gone.  My whole face really does look lifted and very plump. What a difference.  The girls at work asked me to check out the facial so I’m taking them your cards and recommending you.  And I feel like I’m so relaxed and floating on air.”​

“I so look forward to my monthly Gorgeous Woman facial as its serious pampering for my face and Anne’s hands feel amazing. Anne is my go to for skin care as the products really work for my sensitive skin.”​

“All my family and friends are coming to you for their facials now, including the family interstate when they visit next! The results speak for themselves.”​

"I have been getting facials at the hairdressers but this is completely different. It is on a different level. It's total rejuvenation for the face and body. I wish my husband was at home tonight to see my face"​

"Left feeling great, 1st time experience made further aptmt."

"Really beautiful treatment and Anne really knows her stuff! So relaxing, I will definitely book again."  

"I can't believe how amazing that was! Fabulous! Amazing! My daughters need to come and get this. I'm going to text my friend and thank her for the Gift Voucher.
You are a hidden gem Anne but I am going to tell everyone about you."

"Fantastic!"   ​

"Most relaxing"    

"Friendly & efficient"    

"Very competent & friendly Good parking"  


"Wonderful as Always."    

"Love coming here. Anne is a lovely person."

"Enjoyable experience...will rebook!"    

"Anne was professional yet welcoming so this made for an enjoyable experience."

"A relaxing and enjoyable experience."​

"I love going for my facial here. It's the best place. Anne is amazing very friendly and gives the best Japanese facials."

"Love my Japanese facials and keep booking them.  They are addictive.  The other facials didn't ever actually do anything."

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Foot Reflexology

"Anne hi just letting you know that my chest is clear yesterday & feet are great you are amazing can't thank you enough."

"I'm able to walk again and have just been up the coast and have walked every day with family and friends down to the beach and down the street for coffee and shopping.  Couldn't do that before I got reflexology.  My right side is much better and so is my right leg, hardly any pain now and getting a good nights sleep.  And I'm not stressed like I was before, Im thinking clearer and remembering things better.  Really, my whole body feels better and my feet feel loose and not tight and sore. Thank you Anne."

"Thanks so much Anne slept 8 hrs last night with out pain 😁"

"Walked today with muscle freedom and limited discomfort. your treatment has made movement so much more pleasurable. Many thanks."

"I had to call you my feet feel fantastic. I am so grateful the peripheral neuropathy seems to have almost disappeared! See you next week."

"I sent photos of before and after of my swollen feet and legs to all my friends to see the difference reflexology made.  When I got weighed at the maternity clinic I’d actually lost weight from the fluid loss from my body.  I was so happy with the reflexology treatment and  I feel energised now.  I’m sending my hubby and mum for reflexology treatments as well." - see photos below...




"I am 69 and still living life as if I was 40, and I feel 40! I have been receiving a treatment from Anne weekly for many years now and I attribute my energy, health and feeling of well-being to this regular treatment. It absolutely works for me! Thank you Anne."

​"My feet and legs were in agony and I had been off work for about 2 years.  I had gone through breast cancer and chemotherapy and it had left my feet aching, burning and numb and my legs were painful, tight and swollen.  I just felt tired and had no energy and did not sleep well, so I was just getting more stressed.
After my first reflexology treatment my feet were not so tight and sore.  It felt like they were wakening up again, they were warmer, easier to walk on and I could actually start to feel them again.
After each treatment my feet, legs and ankles improved more and more. The numbness and pins and needles has improved and I feel a difference in my whole body now. I also find it is very good for stress and anxiety.
I can go riding on my horse again, and my left leg which used to give way underneath me and had no strength is becoming stronger and supports my body again.
I'm returning to work part time soon and will keep having regular reflexology as it helps me so much."

"I always sleep very well after my reflexology and the aches and pains seem to melt away."  

"After my two reflexology treatments with you I am sleeping better than I have in years. My shoulders and back feel much better and I have more energy through the day now. I feel like each treatment I have is improving my health."

"My legs feel great to-day .....Anne thank you so much, I did not have any trouble with them last night, and was in bed at 8 pm... I was so impressed that I told my neighbour and she is going to phone for an appointment. I am a convert...."

"I am definitely sleeping better. The best sleep I have ever had. I am also finding I have more energy through the day. I'm also calmer."

"I go to the physio and they help me, but it's not the same as when I get my reflexology treatment, I come out totally relaxed and revitalised and my feet feel so light."

"Just feels so good, it makes me so relaxed and I stop stressing."
"I've got my confidence back."

"You have no idea how good this has been for me. I've got so much more energy and I feel calmer."

"After knee surgery, my reflexology treatments were a Godsend and really helped with the pain. I recommend reflexology to everyone."

"Before I had reflexology I had terrible headaches and neck tension, now since having regular treatments I hardly ever get headaches."

"I look forward to my monthly sessions with Anne as I always have so much energy afterwards and it helps me so much."

 "I'm 82 and have been having reflexology for a year now and I love it. Its been great for my back and I sleep better now and feel very relaxed."

 "I'm a busy mum and this is my treat for myself. Its amazing and has helped with my energy and stress levels so much. Everyone should try it."

"My feet and legs feel so good now. I had an injury and reflexology definitely helped with the pain and healing."

"I like the relaxed feeling and it has helped my chest."

"My work is very stressful and I feel so much calmer and less anxious".

 "I look forward to my sessions with Anne and keep finding parts of my body that have responded to treatment."

"I first had reflexology with Anne when I was pregnant and had nausea and aching back and swollen legs. I could not believe how relaxed I felt, but not only that, it helped me with all my symptoms. I had regular fortnightly treatments right up to the birth,
and when I went into labour it was very quick and easy and I know it was all down to the reflexology I had."

​"Hi Annie  thank you so much for my treatment  yesterday,  it was really great, feel so much better today, legs aren't so red today."

"Morning Anne just to let you know after an 8 hour nursing shift last night my feet felt great 👍"

“My wife had reflexology with Anne and it made such a difference to her sore aching feet and also helped her with stress and anxiety.  She is so much happier now and not getting angry and upset at everything. I’m happy because she’s back to her easy going self and not going crook at me. I decided to get reflexology to help with tight, sore burning feet.  Straight away they are feeling looser and much easier to walk on.  We are going on holiday and this is going to help us both with all the walking our feet will be doing.”


 “I didn’t realise how much I needed this treatment until after I’d had it done.  I feel so uplifted and like all the dark clouds around me had gone, I think I had been a bit depressed as my husband had not been well.  I feel a lot brighter and not anxious now.  And my feet are feeling great and not sore when I’m walking now.  I’m going to keep coming because it’s made such a big  difference.”



“I’m 91 and I’ve just started having reflexology and I wish I’d had it 20 years ago.  I told my daughters how good it is and my feet and whole body are feeling a lot better.  They told me to keep up my reflexology because its helping me so much.  I think it helps you to relax and sleep well.”


“This is something everyone should try.  I’m trying to get my husband to come and have some reflexology.  It might get him out of his chair and give him an energy boost too.”

"I’m going to keep looking after myself and come regularly for a treatment with you Anne, because I feel so good with the Reflexology.  Trouble is I don't know which treatment to have next time.  I love the facials too and what a difference they're making."

"Love coming here. Anne is a lovely person."    


"Enjoyable experience...will rebook!"    


"Anne was professional yet welcoming so this made for an enjoyable experience."


"A relaxing and enjoyable experience."


"Thanks Anne for the treatment it relieved my feet as I was in great discomfort"    


"Thanks Ann. Legs and feet now feeling much better!"


"Love having my reflexology here. Anne is a lovely person and cares for my health."


"I received extra tips for optimum wellbeing, as well as treatment."

"After having chemotherapy following breast cancer and a mastectomy, my feet became very painful.  The chemotherapy caused peripheral neuropathy to my feet and damage to the nerve endings.  It was painful standing and walking. 
As I work as a nurse I am on my feet at work all day and I would have to take a cold pack to put on my feet during my breaks.
My feet would be burning, painful and numb with sharp, jabbing pains up my legs.  Some days I was in so much pain I was in tears.
My first reflexology treatment with Anne was deeply relaxing and my feet felt much looser, softer and less painful and uncomfortable when I walked around.
After 3 weekly sessions my feet improved so much I no longer needed the cold pack at work.  My legs feel so much better also and a lot more comfortable.
I have regular maintenance treatments now, usually every 2 or 3 weeks and I am able to work without painful aching feet and walk around comfortably.
I have also noticed a difference with improved energy levels and less aches and pains.  I also feel very calm and relaxed.
I tell everyone who is going through chemotherapy to have reflexology with Anne as it definitely has helped me.
I  recommend having a reflexology treatment for anyone who is having chemotherapy and has painful feet."

"I felt so relaxed when I went home and slept so well. I am feeling very good today and would like to book a regular fortnightly treatment."

"Wow what a great treatment,  I woke up feeling great after the first treatment and my back ache was gone.
I've had three treatments now and the difference is amazing.  Wish I'd known about reflexology sooner. Usually when I do my step class my feet and knees get sore but the reflexology has stopped that now and I can do more in the gym without getting sore.  It really makes me feel relaxed and calm."

"I don't have any trouble sleeping now and I'm not stressed out. All my friends have noticed I'm like a different person."

"I feel wonderful. Had a good nights sleep and woke up with better balance, no pain in my shoulder, back or my knee. Thank you Anne. I want to continue the treatment every few days as needed and then go onto a regular fortnightly appointment".

"It feels absolutely beautiful, absolutely beautiful".

"I can't wait to come back next week, I feel fantastic."

"My shoulders and back felt so good walking down the street after my reflexology I could feel the difference."

"I am sleeping so well now and my energy levels have gone up. My body feels much better thank you and I don't have so many aches and pains. The regular reflexology is fantastic for me".

"My husband said he has noticed that reflexology has helped with my chest and cough. I also find it is very energising and calming."

"After waking up with muscle spasms in my back I went to physiotherapy but I was still in pain. You have managed to release the tension and pain from my back and I can move freely again."

"I always feel very calm and settled after my reflexology session. My whole body feels better for it and my shoulders, neck and back always feel looser and less tense."

"I can't believe how well I sleep now. I've never slept as well as I do now in my whole life.  I'm so relaxed and calm and not stressed anymore."

"As soon as you touched me I started to deeply relax and fall asleep."

"Every part of my body responds positively to reflexology."

"I have a lot less pain and discomfort in my right leg since I've been having reflexology treatments.  After back surgery a few years ago I suffered nerve damage and it caused pain and problems with my leg.  My back and shoulders feel good too and I’m always very relaxed and feel good after my treatment."

“My daughter has been much better after her treatment, very little pain now, thank you Anne, she had been in so much pain before.”

“Hi Anne, you are amazing.  I can bend over easily now.  Whatever you did really worked.”

"Coming to you really helps me. I tell everybody about you."

"I had the best sleep I have had in months. I'm 38 weeks pregnant. My back, shoulders, hips and pelvic area is much more comfortable now and not aching.  The head has dropped. After the second treatment my body is totally relaxed. I have much more energy. I feel very calm and relaxed and ready to give birth now. I am going to recommend you to all my friends who are pregnant."

“My friends at my retirement village recommended I have a reflexology treatment with Anne to help with neuropathy and sore feet.  Well I’m a convert.  It’s really made a big difference, walking is easier and I feel great.  I’ve noticed an improvement in my legs too, much looser and not painful.  I’ve booked my wife in for some treatments as well and she will love it.”

“My Doctor told me I am so lucky that I did not get ulcers on my feet.  When I had my reflexology sessions they got a lot better as the circulation improved. They are good now and I don't get sore feet anymore.   Thanks Anne.”

"Your massage is better than the physio. They just dig their elbows into my back. Your treatment is very thorough. The best I've ever had. The reflexology is very relaxing and I didn't realise how many sore spots I had in my feet. They feel really good now. I will come here every month."

“Thank you Anne for a great reflexology treatment.  I had reflexology at the shops, but it was nothing like your treatment.  I’m coming back in a month again.”

“I didn’t realise how much I needed this treatment Anne.  My feet and legs were really sore and swollen and giving me grief walking.  They’re not so sore now and getting better each treatment. 
I had to walk up our steep drive sideways as my feet and ankles couldn't bend as they were stiff and tight.  But now I can walk up normally with no pain.”

"Anne was a very positive and soothing influence."
"Satisfied' lovely, thank you!"
"I received extra tips for optimum wellbeing, as well as treatment"
"Always helps on so many levels."
"Left feeling great, 1st time experience made further aptmt."

"Really beautiful treatment and Anne really knows her stuff! So relaxing, I will definitely book again."
"Most relaxing"
"Friendly & efficient"
"Very competent & friendly Good parking"


"Hi Anne, Just a note to say thank you again for today. I really enjoyed the treatment, felt energised this afternoon and my feet and ankles feel so much more comfortable.
I will definitely book in for future treatments. Enjoy the rest of the week. x"

"Very very happy with my massage, thank you."

"My session was one of the best experiences that I have had in regards to a therapeutic body massage and treatment. I can tell that my therapist was professional and applied her skills exceptionally well."   

“I feel like I’m walking on air every time I have my reflexology treatment.  I run marathons and I have reflexology before and after each run and my feet don’t ache or swell up now.  And I love how it makes me feel so calm and relaxed. I tell all my friends about you.”

“I’m getting my energy back now as well as my feet and body feeling really good.”

“My anxiety is settling down and I’m getting a good night sleep after waking up and not getting back to sleep.  I look forward to each reflexology treatment.”
"Wonderful as Always."

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