Pregnancy Maternity Treatment

pregnancy maternity reflexology

Professional Pregnancy Maternity  Reflexology
Anne also specialises in pregnancy reflexology after 13 weeks. She helps to make the mother more comfortable by relieving back, shoulder, neck, pelvic and body pain.


Reflexology can also be very effective in providing relief from:

  • nausea,

  • heartburn

  • headaches

  • oedema

  • swollen feet and legs - increased circulation

  • constipation

  • hemorrhoids  

  • improved sleep

  • stress and tension

  • Fatigue and energy levels

Reflexology will help prepare the body mentally and physically for labour and in some cases can help in bringing on labour when overdue.


Recommended Sessions
Monthly from 13 weeks to 28 weeks

Fortnightly sessions up to 36 weeks

Weekly sessions up to 40 weeks

Redland Reflexologists - Anne McBride he

Professional Reflexologist  and facial rejuvenation specialist Anne at her Home Clinic at Thornlands 

A relaxing treatment

From the moment you put your feet in Anne's hands, you will quickly feel a sense of calmness, well-being and deep relaxation from the endorphins that are being released. 

Reflexology Association of Australia

The Reflexology Association of Australia
There are not many experienced fully qualified reflexologists in Brisbane and the Redland area. To find a reputable and qualified reflexologist always ensure they are Professional Members of the Reflexology Association of Australia (RAoA) and they display their logo. All Professional Members have undergone extensive ‘hands-on’ training, hold a Diploma of Reflexology and a current first aid certificate.