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Anne is a professional reflexologist and facial therapy teacher, specialising  in anti-aging facial reflexology. She has trained in natural face-lifting massage, Japanese facial acupressure, ayurvedic face-lifting massage techniques and anti-ageing facial reflexology. Anne trains beauticians and natural therapists in facial therapy anti-aging techniques.

Anne provides GW Facial Therapy and the beautiful treatment, the Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial Rejuvenation treatments from her home clinic.


Anne is also the creator of GW Facial Therapy and a natural skincare range called Gorgeous Woman.  This is a premium plant based range focusing on anti-ageing, super nourishing products for smooth, silky, hydrated skin. Gorgeous Woman products used during the facial rejuvenation process, were developed by Anne over a 20+ year period  to work in harmony with, and to enhance her face-lifting techniques.

By bringing her passions together she has developed a unique rejuvenating facial called Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial Rejuvenation ®.

The luxurious GW Facial Therapy treatment combines facial acupressure, facial reflexology and face lifting massage techniques together with Gorgeous Woman products in a 10 step all natural, luxurious facial which has major benefits for a beautiful glowing complexion as well as general wellness and vitality.

The GW Exfoliant gently sheds dead skin cells, grime and pollution and cleans and refines pores.  The anti oxidant GW Face Mask is applied and the skin absorbs the super nutrients to plump and restore skin. While the mask is applied a wonderful bonus is that the feet are treated to 10 minutes foot reflexology.
Subsequent products applied are then absorbed deep into the dermal layers to tone and improve the complexion with nutrients, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

The face lifting massage releases toxins through the lymphatic system, gently removing stagnant fluids to reduce puffiness and bags.  The fabulously relaxing range of face lifting and massage techniques free layers of muscle and connective tissue so circulation and elimination are improved.  As the facial muscles are massaged, a tightening and lifting effect benefits facial contours and soft tissue.  There is a natural ‘botox effect’ as fine lines and wrinkles release and an increase of collagen and elastin to further improve the skin.

Stimulation of acupressure points induces deep relaxation and some clients report that they drift off into a blissfully meditative state or fall asleep.

Many acupressure points and meridians run through the face. Gentle, soothing pressure is applied but the benefits are major. Fine lines are erased, stagnation is cleared and there is a balancing and increase of energy.

Other benefits of GW facial Therapy include relief from conditions like headaches, migraines, congestion and sinus.  Circulation improves along with tired and strained muscles, resulting in a revitalised complexion.  Habitual expression lines, frown lines, crows feet and fine lines around the mouth and eyes become visibly reduced in length and depth.

GW Facial Therapy works on the same principles as reflexology focusing on reflexes and pressure points on the face which once stimulated send messages to specific parts of the body, helping to stimulate the body’s healing process, improve circulation and nerve supply as well as release the body of toxins.

The GW Facial Therapy techniques feel incredibly relaxing and uplifting and gives the complexion a younger, radiant glow as well as releasing stress, tension and anxiety from face, mind and body.

The Gorgeous Woman face oils and moisturiser used enhance the treatment by providing mega hydration and nourishment.  Several layers of Gorgeous Woman products are applied depending on the individual skin’s needs. The complexion is rejuvenated and restored.

Clients often report feeling totally relaxed and revitalised from head to toe after their facial. Their skin is refreshed, luminous and more youthful, with visibly less lines and wrinkles.  The complexion will appear lifted, toned, tighter and smooth.
Vitality and radiance is restored and the client will feel energised and confident as very noticeable effects are visible on the face after even just one treatment.

It is also recommended for optimum results to have weekly sessions for 6 weeks, or 3 fortnightly sessions over the 6 weeks. For long lasting results, fortnightly or monthly maintenance treatments should follow.  

Please note if you have had botox or fillers you will need to wait one month before a treatment.

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Anne’s Gorgeous Woman Japanese and Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation and Face-lifting Treatment
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