Foot Reflexology

Professional Revitalising Reflexology  for ladies & men. ​

Nowadays because of the busy and stressful life we lead reflexology is enjoying a surge in popularity among young and old as a natural, safe and effective treatment. See research on this page to see just how effective it is!

How does it work?
The face, hands and feet are like a little map in miniature of the body. They reflect all the organs, glands and body parts. When Anne works on reflex points on the face, hands or feet, they connect with the specific organ or body part.

Reflexology works on a similar principal to acupuncture but without the discomfort of needles. Through the application of painless pressure to the feet using a reflexer, thumb and finger techniques, which stimulate the nerve endings, reflexology encourages the body to reach homeostasis, calmness, relaxation and wellness providing pain relief, reducing stress and anxiety and improving blood circulation and healing throughout the body.

Professional Reflexology for everybody
For these conditions  –
• pain relief
• depression, anxiety and stress
peripheral neuropathy

• easing backache
• neck and shoulder pain
• hip and pelvic pain
• sleep disorders
• chemotherapy after effects (eg neuropathy/sore feet))
• Ross River fever
• Painful feet and legs
• Chronic fatigue syndrome
pregnancy after 13 weeks 
• relieves birthing pain
• pregnancy overdue
• menopause - hormonal issues
• migraines and headaches
• elimination of toxins
• digestion and constipation
• arthritis
• diabetes
• TMJ - Temporomandibular joint dysfunction
• fatigue - lethargy - increased energy
• nausea
• swollen legs and ankles
• plantar fasciitis

See case studies here

Redland Reflexologists - Anne McBride he

Professional Reflexologist  and facial rejuvenation specialist Anne at her Home Clinic at Thornlands 

A relaxing treatment

From the moment you put your feet in Anne's hands, you will quickly feel a sense of calmness, well-being and deep relaxation from the endorphins that are being released. 

Recommended Sessions
Once weekly for 3 weeks
Then Fortnightly or Monthly maintenance sessions

Anne's Home Clinic
Reflexology Association of Australia

The Reflexology Association of Australia
There are not many experienced fully qualified reflexologists in Brisbane and the Redland area. To find a reputable and qualified reflexologist always ensure they are Professional Members of the Reflexology Association of Australia (RAoA) and they display their logo. All Professional Members have undergone extensive ‘hands-on’ training, hold a Diploma of Reflexology and a current first aid certificate.