Peripheral Neuropathy Reflexology Treatment

Sufferers of peripheral neuropathy can experience stabbing, jabbing, freezing, sharp shooting or burning pain ranging from mild to intense pain levels.

Symptoms can also include numbness, often in the toes or in the balls of the feet. Tingling, pins and needles and prickling sensations may also occur.  Usually the feet and sometimes hands are affected and symptoms can spread to the legs, face or other parts of the body.


Walking and standing can become uncomfortable, painful and difficult. In cases where numbness has set in, there is also the risk of falling or tripping as the person affected has very little sensation or even none at all in the feet and legs.


Sleep can be affected by peripheral neuropathy as it can cause electrical sensations, tingling, burning or stabbing pain. This causes disrupted sleep and poor quality sleep as the sufferer wakes through the night in discomfort and pain.


Reflexology stimulates the nerve endings in the body, in particular the nerves in the feet and legs.  This combined with improved circulating blood with nutrients and oxygen helps the nerves of the feet and hands to reconnect through the Central Nervous System to the brain.


Reflexology helps to relax muscles of feet and hands and the body and this in turn can help to reduce the incidence of trapped nerves. Improved circulation helps to remove toxins and reduce stagnation which may result from metabolic disease or chemotherapy.


Stimulation of nerves supplying the feet can help improve blood and lymph circulation and restore energy flow.


Ligaments, tendons and tight muscles will also release and the feet will become much softer and more pliable. Joint mobility also improves and flexibility returns to feet and ankles.


Many people will experience an improvement in symptoms and relief after just one treatment.  For optimum results, it is recommended to have a series of once weekly treatments for 3-6 weeks followed by fortnightly or monthly maintenance treatments.


Painful, burning, tingling feet become much less uncomfortable and sore and often there is an increase in sensation.


Walking, standing and quality of sleep improve, along with circulation, blood flow, nerve supply and energy levels.

Stress, anxiety and tension are also reduced.

Redland Reflexologists - Anne McBride he

Professional Reflexologist  and facial rejuvenation specialist Anne at her Home Clinic at Thornlands 

A relaxing treatment

From the moment you put your feet in Anne's hands, you will quickly feel a sense of calmness, well-being and deep relaxation from the endorphins that are being released. 

Recommended Sessions
Once weekly for 3-6 weeks
Then Fortnightly or Monthly maintenance sessions

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Reflexology Association of Australia

The Reflexology Association of Australia
There are not many experienced fully qualified reflexologists in Brisbane and the Redland area. To find a reputable and qualified reflexologist always ensure they are Professional Members of the Reflexology Association of Australia (RAoA) and they display their logo. All Professional Members have undergone extensive ‘hands-on’ training, hold a Diploma of Reflexology and a current first aid certificate.