Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial Rejuvenation ®

For young to mid-life to senior

Anne from Redland Reflexology has trained in ancient methods of natural facial rejuvenation using Japanese and Ayurvedic techniques. She is skilled in natural face lifting massage, Japanese facial acupressure and anti-ageing facial reflexology.

Anne is a professional reflexologist, specialising in feet and facial reflexology. 


She is also the founder of GW FACIAL THERAPY and the co-founder of Gorgeous Woman Skincare, a natural plant-based skincare range.  By bringing her passions together she has developed a unique revitalising facial which has major benefits for a beautiful glowing complexion as well as general wellness and vitality


The Gorgeous Woman products used in the GW Facial Therapy enhance the face lifting massage and anti-ageing facial reflexology techniques. An added bonus of the treatment is 15 minutes foot reflexology while the masque is applied


This wonderfully relaxing treatment diminishes wrinkles, habitual expression lines, fine lines and crows feet. Stress and tension is released from tight muscles and facial contours are tightened and toned. The face appears literally lifted, sculpted and plump with improved circulation.

This facial treatment is a natural alternative to Botox.

Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial Rejuvenation Treatment